Thursday, October 13, 2011

Welcoming myself to Blogging

Actually, this isn't my first time to blog BUT for all intensive purposes we will go with it. I once had a Xanga. Does anyone even remember that site? It was a bit of an online journal - a place to vent, explore and be creative. A place to meet friends (and I met quite a few). :-) Shh... But it was fun. At some point I gave up on it though. I think it was the fascination with the "new" thing called MySpace. I laugh at that now because I could not tell you how to even log on to my MySpace anymore. It is floating around in cyberspace.

Nonetheless, I hope to have fun with this. I want to post pictures of things I am working on. The best and greatest coupon savings of all time, well, maybe not all time but I have dreams. I have no idea if anyone will ever read this or participate in my blog but that's ok too! I will log on and pretend for my own amusement.

I do not claim to be a great writer blogger, but I have things to say and things to show - so I hope you all enjoy, IF you're out there.

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