Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Projects in the WORKS...

Hello again... I actually have missed blogging this past week. My mother and I took our annual mother/daughter trip and this year we went to the Ozark Mountains and I had ZERO signal! :( It is sad that we rely so much on technologies of today!

So, what am I working on??? SEVERAL things! I am still in the process of a redesign to my bedroom and I will post as I finish the individual projects then at the end I will post a bedroom full view before and a redesigned bedroom after! I'm a little excited!

These are some of the posts that are ON THEIR WAY...
   antique wardrobe
   custom coasters
   apothecary jars for EVERYTHING
   fancy journals
   damask dresser

For now... here is a picture of the antique wardrobe I got for FREE! This is one of my VERY favorite projects!

^ BORING! :-)

^ Boring again.....

^Nice detail work

I decided to first prime the wardrobe (of course - this take WAY less time to prime than to sand the entire thing... THAT is for the birds!) THEN, I decided that because it was so BLAH I would get a stencil (found at Micheals and had a COUPON so I got it very inexpensive) and used texture spackling to smear onto the stencil... but........

^be careful! It may take a few times to get it right. I kept having the spackle slip under the stencil...so I think this may have been the third time. LOL

^ FINALLY got it! :-) Don't worry...it dries white PLUS I painted it anyway.

^ I recommend using the same primer. I happened to run out and had a spare can of Krylon Primer... a little harder to coat with your final color. Just a suggestion.

^Painted it Krylon (Walmart) Heirloom Ivory (basically off-white). I then glazed it with faux antique glaze the same way I did HERE

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