Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jars for ALL occasions

I have stated before with NO hesitation....I'm ADDICTED to Pinterest! Recently, I found the CUTEST jars found here. I then came across a great find at the boutique/garage sale my church was having to benefit our local pregnancy crisis center! It was meant to be - I was to make these jars! LOL! The example given was for Christmas, however, they can be changed VERY easily by changing the letters and the contents inside the jar.

The example I went from...

So here is what I found...
natural wooden candlesticks (3) $1.00 each at Michaels
natural wooden circles (3) $1.00 each at Michaels
apothecary jars (3) $5.00 for the set at a boutique/garage sale
wooden finials (3) (NOTE: I used a mini candlestick & wooden ball for 3/$3.00 vs. $1.99/finial - I'm cheap)
wooden letters (3) $1.00 each
black art paint $0.50
black ribbon $0.50
E6000 glass/wooden glue

I then, painted the wooden items with the black paint and let COMPLETELY dry... I emphasize that part - trust me! :-). Then I used the E6000 glue to attach the mini candlesticks and wooden balls together and then to attach them to the jar lids. Also, attached the large candlesticks to the wooden circles for the bases.

My finished project (minus the candy and the decorative ribbon around the finials)... I'm a happy camper!

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