Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Each year our church gives the community an alternative to celebrating Halloween. Last year, we go HUGE cardboard and cut it out in the shape of a whale with the trunk being the mouth of the whale and stuck my son in it as Jonah. It was ADORABLE! We learned that it did not necessarily have to do with Bible stories although we enjoyed it, this way we were able to tell little children about a Bible story as they came to our car. BUT, this year my son wanted to do Angry Birds... so he and I decided that every other year will be a Bible story for us. He was excited! He then assigned all the birds to their rightful people. His daddy is going to be the Green Piggy (I laugh a little inside on this one). I am the Red Bird, he is the Yellow Bird. His grandmother is the Blue Bird (I laugh at this one too) and his grandfather is the Black Bird. So without further ado....ANGRY BIRDS (the homemade kind) :-)

I bought red, blue, yellow, black and green felt (and in the green's case... I used Fleece). I then folded the meterial in half and then in half again. Measuring out 16 inches and then cutting a quarter circle. (see below)

I then unfolded the circle and started to cut out the features of the bird (I used $0.25 felt squares from the art department)

Hot glued them on...

I did the same process for the remaining birds (other than the yellow bird)

NOW, all that is left to do is sew the back on it like I did for the yellow bird and stuff with batting/padding/stuffing... ALMOST done! YAY!

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