Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat...a Success!

Last night our church had trunk or treat and it went GREAT! Everyone really did great decorating their trunks and cars! My family did a theme of Angry Birds and we had the back of the truck set up as an Angry Birds game with paper boxes spray painted black and stuffed Angry Birds to launch at the homemade Piggies. It was a hit as well! The children LOVED throwing the birds at the pigs and especially my husband whom was dressed as the King Pig! Take a look at some of the pictures from the amazing people that I call my church family!

Me aka Rad Angry Bird and my Son aka Yellow Angry Bird

Angry Bird Family

My husband aka King Piggy

Aladdin & Jasmine
(Craig & Tammy)

Pumpkin Patch

The Cave People

The Medievals
(Katie & Derek)

The 20's Flappers
(Lindsey & Tiffany)

The Flintstones
(Jake & Julie)

The Firefighter & Dalmatian
They had the local Fire department to bring a fire engine to the church... it was so neat!

and... finally... my best friend and I. Whew! What a night!

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  1. Hello! I'm putting together a post on Halloween decorations for your car for Would it be ok for my to include one of your images in my post? I'll credit you and link back to your blog. If you have any questions, please email me at Thanks!