Friday, December 30, 2011

I am LAZY!

I have been SO lazy about updating this blog... but as New Years approaches I am convinced that I will do better in 2012! Or so I will try! Here are some of the projects I have done lately (i.e. Christmas presents, birthday presents, just plain ol' projects)

Disclaimer: These photos were ALL taken with my camera PHONE so the quality and color are WAY off. Note to self - next time, take the time to get camera out!

First, are the two projects Brian gave to his Secret Santa. They were supposed to be $1-$2 each... SO... the snowman is a packet of popcorn made into a snowman by covering it with a plain piece of white paper and then drawing on the features with a sharpie. Add a glove for the hat and a ribbon. Ta-da! Super cute!!!

Next, another Secret Santa gift... Lightbulb reindeer! I used a lightbulb that just burned out. Painted it brown, and added features. Used scrapbook paper for the antlers and add a ribbon! Cute ornament for your tree!

Because our finances were SO tight this Christmas, I decided to make ALL of our Christmas gifts this year. Except for my son, of course. SO... here are some of the gifts that turned out ok and ones that I REMEMBERED to take pictures of.

This one for my best friend is a mix of two family names because they are a blended family. This picture is not the finished project, but you get the idea. It turned out pretty cute.

The cute boy was a creation from God above and I am so blessed for that gift! BUT... the sign is the one we are speaking of here! :-)

This one still needs the holes in the top and a pretty ribbon to hang it from but it may be my favorite right now. Very simple but I LOVE IT!

The next three pictures are the gifts I gave to my brother and his girlfriend. She collects Wizard of Oz things so I thought these would work!

OOPS! Notice the bookmark is inaccurate. The Witch of the East, too, was wicked... SO I took a red sharpie marker and marked through Good and wrote in Wicked and it turned out REALLY cute as if it was supposed to say that! YAY! Go me! The legs were formed with polymer clay and baked and then I painted them with the stocking and shoes. Really fun project!

Bookmark being used and where I got my inspiration!

My cousin and Aunt have a ceramic/pottery/fired arts Studio in Fort Worth called Brushstrokes and they helped me with these gifts. I painted the design and they were so kind to finish them up by glazing (clear coat) and firing them for me! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!

My son has ALWAYS be a University of Texas fan (Hook 'em!) HOWEVER, due to the brainwashing ;-) of my best friend and family he now is a die hard Alabama Crimson Tide fan... so EVERYTHING is Roll Tide now! EVERYTHING! So when I went to do his plate he, expectantly, wanted Alabama. BUT I added my part at the end. Hook 'em Horns at Heart.

A friend of ours is from LA and loves the New Orleans Saints so I borrowed her daughter and we made her a Saints Who Dat plate for Christmas.

Each year I like to do a plate for my son's birthday. I started this on his 3rd birthday (sad that I don't have 1st and 2nd) but his 3rd birthday was a train birthday... and his 3rd was Superheros.

not glazed or fired yet so it looks very pale. It will be very vibrant once finished. 

Anyway, so that is what I have been working on and I have a few more projects in the works as well. I am hoping to update more int he coming year. I pray everyone had a GREAT Christmas and cherish your loved ones, they are only here a short time. I cherish the Christmas I was able to spend with my daughter! Have a safe and happy new year! I pray the Lord's blessings on each of you!

much love and prayers,


  1. hi! I am also making all of my gifts this year and I saw this plate idea on your blog! I love it! I was just wondering what you use to paint, glaze and fire it with??