Monday, February 20, 2012

Trinity Baptist Amazing Race (Ft. Worth Edition) 2012

Brian and I teach the Young Adults Sunday School Class at our church! We LOVE these people! They have been a blessing to us in ways we cannot express! Each month we plan an activity and this month's activity was the Amazing in the show on CBS! It was GREAT!!! It took about a month's preparation of writing clues, re-writing clues, scouting locations, re-writing clues, a trial run to make sure everything worked out perfectly, re-writing clues again because some of them were leaked. All in all it was a BLAST!!! So much so, that we are doing a Dallas Edition in late September! Here are the clues they used to complete the Amazing Race!

Click on photos to make larger...

This was the 'puzzle' they had to put in order. It was cut into 25 pieces and they were instructed to put the puzzle together in the order which they completed the race. Once correct, they could flip the puzzle over for a map of the location of the finish line! H5!

Map on the back...

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  1. Amber,
    Thank you for sharing your Amazing Race experience! I am a youth Sunday School teacher currently planning a very similar event and your blog gave me some great ideas. Where did you get the "Route Info," "Road Block," and "Detour" icons for your clues?